29 December 2022

Photo: Protector of Citizens

During the last ten days of 2022, the team of the Protector of Citizens in performing the tasks of the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) made unannounced visits to police stations within the Police Directorate for the city of Belgrade. The team included a representative of the Lawyers' Committee For Human Rights.

PS Vračar, PS Palilula, PS Zvezdara and PS Mirijevo were visited, as well as PS New Belgrade, PS Stari grad and PS Savski venac, and the headquarters of the PD for the city of Belgrade, PS Voždovac and PS Rakovica. With these visits, the activities of the NPM continued, which are related to monitoring the manner of fulfilment of basic rights of persons apprehended and detained, primarily the right to access a doctor and a lawyer and the right to inform a close person about their deprivation of liberty, and the manner in which they are informed about their rights. The NPM team also visited the detention facilities in the visited police stations in order to check whether they are in accordance with the prescribed conditions, i.e. valid standards, and on that occasion conducted interviews with the detained persons.

These visits were preceded by a visit to the District Prison in Belgrade, where the members of the team, divided into two sub-teams, conducted unsupervised interviews with the detained persons on circumstances of the police officers' conduct towards them during their deprivation of liberty and detention and the manner in which basic rights of persons apprehended and detained are exercised. In addition, special attention was paid to the way of performing the first medical examination upon admission to the aforementioned institution, as well as to the documentation of injuries.

The professional conduct of all officials during the NPM visits is an example of good practice, as they acted in accordance with the legally prescribed obligation of the authorities to cooperate with the NPM.