14 December 2022

Photo: Protector of Citizens

On 9 December 2022, the Protector of Citizens, in performing the tasks of the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM), made an unannounced visit to the Special Prison Hospital in Belgrade. It was a thematic visit and it was carried out in order to monitor the institution's conduct towards persons deprived of their liberty who are in any form of isolation from other persons deprived of their liberty, their position and the exercise of their rights. During the visit, the NPM conducted unsupervised interviews with persons who, at the time of the visit, were subject to the disciplinary measure of solitary confinement, inspected the relevant documentation, visited the premises intended for the enforcement of solitary confinement and discussed with the officials the manner of its enforcement.

It was the last visit in a series of visits to institutions for the enforcement of penal sanctions dedicated to a specific topic that were carried out during this year. The findings of the visit will be published in a special thematic report.

The professional behaviour of the management and employees of the institution during the visit of the NPM is an example of good practice in work, in accordance with the obligation of the authorities to cooperate with the NPM.